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I just got a Squishable in the mail today— still wrinkly from its long trip in the box!

Hazel. You are incredible! SQUISH ON CORG!


Naruto vs Pain.
Full movie.

omg so cool

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love naruto
i wish i could go camping agian lol :)

ive been depressed for so long

burn-deeper-love-deactivated201 asked: Well im just gonna say if you have a kik. Kik me: _poisoned_rose and I'll help you remember who I am. Answer this private because I don't want my kik everywhere.

im sorry i haven’t talked to you in awhile I’ve been from group home to group home barley any time to get on. Plus what does kik mean i dont remember you still¬†


 wasup freinds im back in buisness

pleasestayfor-everwithme-deacti asked: Whats up?

sup an I do remember you


love en We Heart It.

this is me a hopless romantic sigh lonely